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  • Boost Your Confidence and More With Laser Vein Treatment for Spider Veins

    Spider veins can be a real pain to deal with in your day-to-day life, especially if you’re one of the many people who take their skincare as seriously as it deserves to be. Those bothersome little clusters of blood vessels can take your smooth, well-maintained legs and undo the hard work you’ve put into them […]

  • Tired of Discolored Skin? Know The Causes — And Solutions

    Discolored skin can be more than just a cosmetic concern: It often impacts our self-esteem and confidence in daily life.  From dark spots to light patches, various factors can lead to skin discoloration. But what causes these issues? And equally important: How can they be addressed through cosmetic procedures?  It’s important to understand the common […]

  • Got Keloids? Cryoshape Can Help

    At Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle, advances in dermatological science offer a safe, effective solution for removing keloids and helping you achieve the appearance you want.  But what exactly are keloids? When trauma occurs to the skin, the body’s natural supply of collagen is stimulated, resulting in the formation of firm, rubbery nodules […]

  • 5 Ways to Treat or Remove Scars

    Scars serve as our body’s way of keeping us safe and reminders of our past. However, scars can develop in shapes and ways that make us feel uncomfortable or affect our self-image. That’s why practices like our team at Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute provide many options for scar revision and removal. In this post, we’ll […]

  • Enhance Your Eyes with LATISSE®

    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. While that may be up for debate, the eyes are what people see first when speaking to you. Naturally, this means taking care of your eyes and eyelashes greatly affects your appearance. However, some people can struggle with growing thick, lush, and dark eyelashes. That […]

  • So Doctor…Why is My Neck Aging so Quickly?

    The skin of the neck is one of the most fragile and vulnerable areas of our body subject to the agin process. It has fewer moisture retaining glands so skin dryness is an early skin sign especially during the dry times fo the year such as the fall and the winter months of the year […]

  • Before & After: Keloid Removal Procedures
  • The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Supple Summer Skin

    Summertime is prime time for showing off how well you take care of yourself. Sleeveless dresses, short skirts, and bathing suits are mainstays for summer fashion. Healthy skin is something that many women want to show off as a summer accessory. One way that some women like to do this is through hair removal.Laser hair […]

  • Sun Damage: Prevention and Treatment

    UV rays have a powerful impact on the health and appearance of the skin. Whether from the sun or artificial sources, UV rays penetrate deeply into the dermis, damaging collagen fibers and accelerating age-related skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, dry and leathery skin, solar elastosis, actinic keratosis, and solar lentigo (sun spots).Damage from UV […]

  • Before & After: Fillers Procedures