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Humanitarian Work

December 26, 2004 On this date, a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hit Southeast Asia with significant loss of life and property damage. I started a neighborhood fundraising project–initially to get my 3 kids involved in social actions–and ultimately raised $50,000 for the Red Cross to directly help with the enormous clean-up, to support health clinics, and to supply food and medications for the surviving tsunami victims.

Summer of 2007 I took my family to Ayacucho, Peru in the Andean Highlands to do service work in this impoverished community. My sons worked in an orphanage for boys; my daughter worked in a daycare center for young children, and my wife worked in a women’s prison. She also assisted me in Community Dermatology Clinics that I initiated while teaching local healthcare workers about Public Health and setting up a dermatology formulary for the local community.