Finally a Facial that Works!

Glowing skin after a spa facial is desirable, but temporary. If you are seeking medical-grade treatment and lasting results, a HydraFacial promises both! This dermatological system sets itself apart from a spa facial in that it uses healing serums formulated to combat individual skincare needs from acne to wrinkles. As a vacuum-based skin abrasion device, the HydraFacial exfoliates while simultaneously infusing anti-oxidants, polypeptides, and hyaluronic acid into the treated area. These serums serve to:

  • Firm fine lines
  • Cleanse clogged pores
  • Reduce the appearance of sun damage, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation
  • Exfoliate
  • Hydrate
  • Extract skin impurities
  • Even tone and texture

For brides-to-be desiring photo-ready skin on their wedding day or patients struggling with continual acne break-outs, the HydraFacial is your skin solution. This is a non-invasive procedure, under an hour in length, with no discomfort or down-time following. To achieve radiant, smoother, and youthful-looking skin–your dermatologist may recommend a series of HydraFacials spanned one month apart for skincare upkeep.

During the procedure you should expect:

  • Cleansing and exfoliation- all dead skin cells are removed to reveal fresh skin
  • Acid peel- a gentle peel is applied to uplift debris without post-peeling side-effects
  • Extractions- a comfortable suction device is employed to the skin for cleansing pores
  • Hydration- antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are infused for skin rejuvenation
  • Blue LED Phototherapy- targets bacteria associated with acne, replacing oral antibiotics as a treatment option
  • Red LED Phototherapy- reduces inflammation and swelling

What are our patients saying about the HydraFacial?

“I suffer from occasional acne breakouts and my skin has never felt smoother after the HydraFacial procedure. The fresh-from-the-spa glow is not a myth! My face looks radiant and clear of blemishes.” -Caitlin, 26

“The fine lines around my eyes and mouth have diminished. This experience was both therapeutic and medically enhancing for more mature skin types like mine.” -Margaret, 50

To schedule a HydraFacial appointment at Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle, please call/email our clinic at (206) 402-4797 or [email protected]. We look forward to accommodating your skincare needs!