Got Keloids? Cryoshape Can Help

CryoshapeAt Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle, advances in dermatological science offer a safe, effective solution for removing keloids and helping you achieve the appearance you want. 

But what exactly are keloids? When trauma occurs to the skin, the body’s natural supply of collagen is stimulated, resulting in the formation of firm, rubbery nodules known as keloids. 

With innovative Cryoshape treatments, it’s safe and easy to remove these formations from the body. 

What Are Keloids?

Keloids predominantly occur in patients with skin of color. They tend to form at the site of a piercing, burn, acne, surgical scars, or even from a particularly unpleasant insect bite. 

Common areas for keloid growth include the earlobes, chest, back, and shoulders. Although keloids are benign (non-cancerous) and not contagious, they can be very painful and aesthetically displeasing. In severe cases, untreated keloids can hinder the body’s ability to move, impacting quality of life.

Treatment Options

Despite various treatments like pressure therapy, steroid injections, lasers, and surgical excision, minimal outcomes have been achieved in keloid removal. With the Cryoshape device, however, patients are finding much better results for getting rid of this unpleasant skin condition. 

Using a hand-held probe, Cryotherapy introduces liquid nitrogen into the keloid, freezing and eliminating unwanted scar tissue from the inside out. Unlike other methods mentioned above, Cryoshape deeply penetrates the scar tissue, removing the keloid while reducing the chance of it growing back. 

This treatment empowers patients to break free from this frustrating skin condition and reclaim their self-confidence. 

Advantages of Cryoshape Treatment

  • Customized Treatment: Each patient’s Cryotherapy session is tailored to meet their needs, including the size, location, and number of keloids being treated.
  • Minimal Discomfort: The procedure is virtually painless thanks to the application of local anesthesia to the treated area. 
  • Quick Recovery: After the procedure, patients experience rapid alleviation of pain and itching, allowing them to resume their daily activities in no time. 
  • Effective Keloid Removal: Cryoshape reaches deep tissue levels, freezing and destroying the keloid to prevent re-growth and provide long-lasting results.

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Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Greene at Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from keloids with the Cryoshape device. 

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