René Steele: Master Esthetician

Meet René Steele, Advanced Dermatology’s, Master Esthetician. With over twenty years of experience, René is your professional guide to achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

René is a veteran trainer on the Palomar Icon 1540 laser, a medical-grade device that reduces the appearance of sunspots, scars, and unwanted hair. Feel safe and comfortable in René’s care knowing that she customizes every laser session for the specific skin type of her patients. Results to most laser treatments are observed after a series of 2-3 sessions (with the exception of laser hair removal). Acne, a common skin concern, may be treated by Rene in the form of a facial or chemical peel. There are several peels to choose from at our office–each a varying form of exfoliation for mild, moderate, and heavy peeling.

Lastly, René treats patients with a radio frequency device called the Exilis Elite to tighten loose or sagging skin on the body while simultaneously eliminating stubborn pockets of fat. This device is ideal for patients who have not seen results from dieting and exercise. Similar to other laser procedures, Exilis Elite is an ‘over-your-lunchbreak’ treatment requiring little to no downtime.

Feel free to learn more about Rene and other cosmetic services available at our office or call 206-402-4797 to schedule a complimentary consultation with René.