Sun Damage: Prevention and Treatment

Smiling summer woman with hat and sunglassesUV rays have a powerful impact on the health and appearance of the skin. Whether from the sun or artificial sources, UV rays penetrate deeply into the dermis, damaging collagen fibers and accelerating age-related skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, dry and leathery skin, solar elastosis, actinic keratosis, and solar lentigo (sun spots).

Damage from UV rays is cumulative, often beginning when we are young and less diligent about sun protection. However, as we age, protecting our skin from further damage becomes increasingly essential, even in cloudier places like Seattle, even when inside.

Because UV rays can penetrate cloud coverage and windows, it is vital to wear sunscreen daily, though not all sunscreens are equally safe or effective. We have carefully selected the most efficacious formulas for sale at our office. We will happily help you choose the best fit during your next visit.

Although windows cannot prevent UV exposure, staying indoors from 10 am to 2 pm on sunny days is best. This is when the sun is at its most potent. When you go outside, wear protective clothing, including a hat and sunglasses, and remain in the shade as much as possible. All of these things can help to prevent further sun damage from occurring.

Correcting Sun Damaged Skin

Nearly everyone will experience sun damaged skin at some point. Fortunately, several options can help to improve the appearance and comfort of skin that UV rays have damaged. Some of the most popular options include:

These treatments work in different ways and to varying degrees to address issues as diverse as textural irregularities, hyperpigmentation, rough and dry skin, and sun spots. Depending on the treatment, some can also soften fine lines and deep wrinkles, tighten the skin, remove acne scars, and eliminate stretch marks.

Many treatments available for sun damaged skin are safe for all skin types and tones. However, each is designed to address different concerns. A one-on-one consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Steven Greene is the best way to learn which treatment will produce the best results.

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