What is Botox?

In the mid-1980’s, Dr. Jean Carruthers, an Oculoplastic Surgeon from Vancouver, BC first observed the cosmetic benefits of lessening the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in her study patients who she was treating for eyelid twitching (blepharospasm) with Botulinum Toxin (later named Botox). After she and her husband, Dr. Alastair Carruthers, a prominent Cosmetic Dermatologist, realized that she had discovered a new “disruptive” therapy, they performed the groundbreaking evidence-based research that paved the way for its cosmetic place in history for temporary reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Botox commands the “lion’s share” of neuromodulators used by Cosmetic Physicians and Injectors worldwide to this day. In our Cosmetic Dermatology practice her ad Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle, Botox works as well or better than all of the other competitor products on the market with my technique of administration. If Botox is placed with precision and at an adequate dosing level, then the results will look natural and will usually last for 3-4 months if the patient’s health and metabolism is normal. 

The goals of placing Botox into carefully designated areas is to both avoid complications and ultimately “teach the muscles” that pull on the overlying skin, to not contract as powerfully and in many cases, the needed dosing of the neuromodulator can be reduced over time. The evolution occurs more often in those who normally come in for maintenance Botox treatment every 3-4 months. 

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Steven L. Greene, MD

Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle